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  • Saw EW shutting down, gotta be honest and say although this happened a few years back, I feel like this is the 'end'.
    I haven't really been part of the community for 2 + years and imo the older version was far better but still wishing tim luck with whatever he does now n all of you who have grown up with empirewar, was nice to just occasionally come n check the forums whenever to see how you are all doing.

    Got loads of old memories on here (from when it was popular 2013-2015 especially) and without empirewar i don't even have a reason to log onto enjin at all. Good luck everyone in life and unless I talk to you regularly this is probably the last you'll hear from me, peace
    Yeah this really is the end man. The first time it shut down no one was ready to admit it, and so of course a revival was inevitable once tim got a break and felt ready to come back. This time that wont happen as everyone has truly moved on. There is talk about a new siege type server with aspects/devs from EW, but that is for the new generation to have, and good luck with it in this current day of mc. The age of Empire War is truly over.
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    It was good while it lasted. And it will always have a place in my heart.
    Logged into enjin for the first time for many many years. Can't believe it has been 5+ years since I played on EW. Still remember everything. Damn...
    Must say I fucking miss Empire War.

    Everyone is like "oh we can keep the community together! join ****.com". But it like never happens, as soon as the server/forums died the community basically died.

    It's kind of sad to think of when I first joined the server in late 2012 - how good it was at first and how excited I was to come on everyday, just to play it. To now, when it is nothing more than history.

    I guess it must happen to everything, even minecraft will die eventually. But I think everyone can agree that it is sad that empire war is actually "gone". So many people are quitting minecraft now to grow up, some still play but not many.

    It's hard to get to grips with really, and it's a really, really big shame that it had to come to an end.
    Empire Wars closing, guess I found it rather shit lately but it was fun, at a certain day and age and my relationship with most people here has turned rather sour recently.
    A few certain people to name hmmmm
    Sjeordtim thanks for being a quality owner of 10/10 and a quality skywars player even in times of need
    All my supporters for admin rank.
    Rikumaru for seeking out my guidance and expertise when faced with a challenge such as nazgul.
    Some of the staff I approve of - arak , cookie, rob and riku at times.
    The build team of Jan - June 2015 (Stealwonders, Pythonawe, lockrules, ynnojax, tntx50 and more but they were the main)
    Hasenfuss - We used to talk loads and play tons together until you left for LoL
    I'd like to thank thebeserker for having me
    Ithladohr for being quality mineman and amusement plaything
    Me for being the best melee pvper of all time according to the forum survey qq
    But seriously, empire war was actually fun at a time and I would do anything to go back to that time when I could play it without getting bored.
    Anyway, if you want me you know where to find me.
    Papapapa end the fucking post already.
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    It doesn't sound like a long story. More like an adam story, which usually includes him being a dick to everyone, as well as an arrogant, self-overestimating douchebag. The story ends with someone almost grudgingly hating adam.
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    You will always stay in my memories as the most arrogant kid there ever was on the Internet.
    Lol, that is probably an over exaggeration.
    EW is honestly a fucking joke. It's already dying and some of the staff seem to have the need to ruin it for those who still enjoy it. I played for about an hour yesterday and literally none of the staff who were on are positive about the server now. "It's gonna shut down soon so whatever" "I honestly want it to shut down"

    No wonder it's dying.
    They wouldn't. People don't pay for the server, so it will close. It has nothing to do with how shit the staff is acting.
    It may have helped, but inevitably EW was going to eventually die because of the EULA
    Adam I miss you
    Adam is bad n ez.

    No but seriously I have a load of screenies off of hypixel just going to waste, which are quite good, so I made a giant clusterfuck.

    These following screenshots are from March 1st to April 4th 2016, Enjoy.

    Warning -
    50% Insults
    10% Swag
    10% Roasting peeps
    10% Funny
    10% Mlgness
    9% Actual Gameplay
    1% Im a good person

    (May need to zoom in to see it)
    EpicQuestz's build has been dead for 6 months, atleast.

    Okay now what I mean by this, I found a picture the other day on Pythonawe's wall of a list of these builders, and I'm not trying to say that these builders are better than all the newer builders, but this period of builders was so much more...enjoyable.

    The build server felt alive whilst building bree and shiz, nowadays people come on it but there is no overall goal, and that saddens me a bit. Back when lock was on constantly was more fun, and I know he can't be on much now. This isn't a 'lets try and boost the population on the build server post' because, I don't think many of these builders or the original builders care too much about it anymore.
    But building on here was very fun, and for anyone who was builder at this period I'm pretty sure they'll agree the build server was far better back then with lock in charge than it has been in the few previous months, I'm not saying Iron Hills or anything newish wasn't good, but it wasn't anywhere near as enjoyable to help out on.

    I gotta admit, I probably enjoyed building Bree and The Shire with these builders was more fun than pretty much any Empire War memories. I feel like the purpose of EpicQuestz is gone and many of the builders on it nowadays are new to it, but we will always remember.
    Yep building Bree was awesome since we all knew what to do.
    I turned my computer on and it blew up, like literally. The fucking computer just blew up, like wtf.
    yea hopefully the power supply was all that got damaged. just replace it and hopefully it runs again. unless other parts obviously got damaged. then replace them or just buy a new PC
    Rant time. This is as dumb as it gets.

    Everything this person lies about -

    1. Well first off, your not an Empire War builder you moron considering Empire War doesn't have builders, your also not even a builder on Epic Questz.

    2. Hypixels private server? Are you for real? I think I would know that you don't 'do' builds for hypixel. You get selected to join the build team and thelazyboy, your not even a novice on the build server.

    3. ''4 months of building gone'' this is plain bs, hypixel doesn't even have a private building server.

    4.''I built about 10% of all Empire war builds'' ...*shoots self*
    Empire war is great, I think we all know that. But for me personally the new host has ruined gameplay, I already had some lag and now it's just unplayable. I thought it was supposed to be a Dutch server, but now 3/4 of the player base are getting heavy lag. Sorry but I won't be on EW anytime soon.
    No difference for me whatsoever.
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