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  • It's been a fat minute. Just to update y'all, I think ima just program Maze Wars myself and create my own server.
    NOOOOO Maze Wars is locked forever :(
    wow, a lot of weird stuff is happening today. RIP my cake D:
    Rip Cake
    +1 for best bug
    Lol. Your cake is air. Nice. So exactly how do I eat air
    wth lol. EU has more than US
    they're actually the same counts just loaded at different times
    lol just lol
    I was the first reply on your maze wars thread )))))))
    Why does the smiley face have so many chins xD
    Why are so many ppl steve?
    Your Local Jar Cat ಥ_ಥ
    SOmething about mineplex moving websites?
    no, just an enjin bug
    Yo, so I was exploring the lobby today because my computer is too laggy to actually play any games atm. Well anyways, here are 2 things I found today. I've been in the general vicinity before, but never really noticed these rooms.

    Optifine helps a ton if you don't already have it, and maybe you should allocate more ram for Minecraft, the simplest things help a ton
    Additionally, deleting unneeded worlds, screenshots, jar's, texturepacks, and even the skin files downloaded when you join a server can boost your minecraft. I believe if the system has less files to handle, it runs faster.
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    If you have a laptop or closed-vent desktop, I'd also recommend screwing it open and cleaning the ventilation system. Especially with laptops, it collects a ton of dust over time and that leads to the PC not being cooled properly and working slower / crashing. You can also get CCleaner and run a software clean on your device to clear the cache of different browsers and applications, aswell as Cookies, Download history, data fragments, browser chronicle etc. - I do that frequently and typically remove several gigabytes of unnecessary intel saved on my desktop PC.
    Savage I just watched Maze Runner Death Cure. Don't waste your money....
    Okay I won't xD. The only Maze Runner movie I've seen is the first one anyways. Thanks for the warning.
    it is the worst tho theres so many un necessary deaths
    Isn't it nice to see my baby grow so big? BarrelRoll
    Woah, this boi got skill. He frickin forgot the lyrics to his most popular song, so he started freestyling instead and made it better
    (ps. youtube started working again, tho most of the videos on it still dont work for me)
    This dude named tasman208 has been haking on cakewars and it just makes me mad. He was on my team, but I ended up trolling him anyways because he was annoying and ruining the game.
    How to beat hackers 101
    I might just keep it at that nice round number.
    Nah go for 666, 777, 711, or 911
    Go for 911 :thumb:
    Okay, so I'm in a predicament right now. I'm trying to figure out the best people to host a build server for Maze Wars, and right now it's between Anvilnode and Voodoo Servers. I don't know of any other good options, but if you guys can think of any let me know. And if you want to sway me one way or the other, let me know why. Thanks!
    You already know this, but I've used Voodoo servers and I've had good results.
    why can't u edit these things i forgot a comma ;_;
    Well, I'd say it's improving. I'm probably gunna try to set up a build server sometime this week. This is gunna be way to much for just JuggerN8 to do.
    You should try AnvilNode! Currently it is 2$/GB and temporarily having a 70% off the first month!
    how can I play this game wit u
    lol the game isn't made yet xD. I'll let you know when it is tho.
    When your friend sees a bag of Toritos and thinks they are Doritos

    wth sammy107 I didn't wanna

    1. Name?
    2. Age?
    3. Do you sleep with the door closed or open?
    Dude, closed. It's just messed up to sleep with the door open.
    4. The greatest madness that you have done in your life?
    Well, last year I stopped caring about school and like I didn't do my homework for a few months. That was pretty dumb. That's about it.
    5. What is your best memory of your childhood?
    Having all the neighborhood kids over for Nerf battles, those were always awesome.
    6. What is the rarest object in your room?
    I have this really old chap stick that I'm afraid to use. Other than that I don't really have anything in my room, so yeah.
    7. Do you have a "boyfriend/girlfriend"?
    Nope, I'm waiting till I got time for that which is gunna be after high school is over with.
    8. Tea or coffee?
    Neither, they both suck.
    9. Coca cola or Pepsi?
    Same as #8
    10. Nike or Adidas?
    Only Adidas because I HATE Nike. Too many people in junior high only had friends because of the shoes they wore.
    11. Do you cry in the movies?
    Nope, though I have gotten close in a few.
    12. Anyone you would like to meet?
    probably Gandhi, too bad he's dead D:
    13. Do you know how to play an instrument?
    Yup, I play both Clarinet and Trumpet
    14. Have you had plastic surgery?
    Never, though it sounds terrible.
    15. Do you practice any sport?
    I used to play soccer, other than that I do ultimate frisbee with some homies, it isn't anything like official tho.
    16. What are you afraid of?
    Following the crowd. Sometimes I do it, but I don't wanna.
    17. What is your favorite program?
    Probably Mr. Monk.
    18. Do you have a tattoo or piercing?
    Not yet, just wait tho.
    19. Do you have pets?
    Yup, I got a dog. He is a cockapoo or something like that. His name is Kipper because he looks just like the dog from Kipper the show.
    20. Are you addicted to cell phone?
    Nope, I smashed mine with a hammer, so I don't gotta worry about that anymore.
    21. What do you always complain about?
    Toxicity on Mineplex, not hearing about if Maze Wars is accepted or nah, classic Trump, a few political issues, and doing homework.
    22. Do you like to be alone?
    Heck no, I like chilling with all mah homies. I'm only on Minecraft when I'm alone which is quite frequent D:
    23. What superhero would you like to be?
    Milkman. If you don't know who that is, google Milkman by Rocket Jump.
    24. Favorite song?
    Idk, that's a hard one. Maybe Let You Down or Remember This by NF.
    25. Do you know how to drive?
    Yeppers. Getting 50 hours in for your license sucks tho.

    Quartet and NationalOreo
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