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  1. GamerAced

    Permitted Client Mods and Use of Hitboxes

    What client side mods are permitted and is the use of hitboxes allowed?
  2. GamerAced

    Craftbukkit Questions

    How am I supposed to download when Bukkit is sued and how do you get Bukkit to work in single-player.
  3. GamerAced

    Frequently Asked EmpireWar Questions

    Frequently Asked EmpireWar Questions WIP Feel free to give me some feedback! Purple=Question Blue=Answer Orange=Number 1.) How do you join a team? Right click either the left or right sign. If you click the left sign and it says "You can't join this team, this team already has too many...
  4. GamerAced


    I've had problems with this new donation system. I donated for king before Mojang changed the donations so I check to see if I have the elite rank (the highest donation rank I think) and it says I do but when I go on the server and type in chat I don't see [Elite] in front of my name.