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  1. Rob

    Denied ShIXTank hacking

    the evidence is undeniable, these two disgraceful hackers must be banned with no mercy
  2. Rob

    Denied 'Skilaton' and 'TweetyPete'

    Windows 10 offers a screen recorder; use Win + G while in-game and press the record button
  3. Rob

    Leaderboard Lies

    The leaderboard (stats.empirewar.org) does not update
  4. Rob

    Accepted Tijn_inator

    Reach at the very least Probably some other stuff his client offered 7pwkM3gtyYc
  5. Rob

    Denied Mr_Nuggleton Killaura

    Either its killaura or some useless derp hack - either way he was using it while in PvP on his warg, and shows he has an illegal client running Sorry for no sound, I was playing with sound off at the time Of5lK1R8Ahw
  6. Rob

    Troll Players Check

    Troll is a cool class - it provides non-p2w class variety for players, and is accessible to all through either voting or earning points by just playing the game. It can also be used to help balance certain maps and flags, alongside team ratios. However, there is a fine line between an aid to...
  7. Rob

    Point Loans

    If you need to borrow points... You must pay back within 30 days or ur credit rating is destroyed Up to 1000 loan - 50% interest Up to 5000 loan - 35% interest Over 5000 - contact for negotiation If u r deemed as untrustworthy by our committee (me) I won't lend If you are too untrustworthy...
  8. Rob

    Fishy Fireworks

    You don't get re-equipped with a donator firework if you're kicked from a team for being AFK
  9. Rob

    Next Map Vote Improvement

    I think /nextmap should only include players who are actually in a team in the vote percentages, or there will be AFK people in the lobby scuppering the vote for people who are actually playing.
  10. Rob

    Accepted asdfmoovi114 Killaura

    Title speaks for itself _XWdCGOKIAQ
  11. Rob

    Denied Catlover 816 Autoclicker

    Original thread: https://www.empirewar.org/forums/m/5312442/viewthread/32053325-catlover816-autoclicker It's not great by any means, but this is what I managed to record (Hopefully coupled with Cat's confession this ought to be enough for a punishment) 1:18 - in the melee encounter you can...
  12. Rob

    Denied Catlover816 Autoclicker

    I noticed (no offence) that Catlover816 was actually getting kills, and on further observation it was clear as daylight that they were using autoclick - for example Cat was at least 20 blocks away from any enemy players and still clicking without stopping, at a constant rate. After this I...
  13. Rob

    Denied Yennifer_Levine Profanity

    Thread title speaks for itself, clearly she has not learned her lesson and from what I hear she's been toxic not just to me, but also other members of the community. As I said, she hasn't learned her lesson and I'd hope that justice is delivered swiftly when looking at her past history with...
  14. Rob

    Accepted Olvronator Killaura

    Got him in the lobby, although he also clearly had it in-game; unfortunately I didn't manage to get any in-game footage. O6673u4o1uc
  15. Rob

    Denied RobRem53 and massella00 Spawnkilling

    If you were actually able to read what I said, you would comprehend the words "after those three occurrences I realised my wrongdoing and retreated." If you need any more assistance in understanding anything I say, just ask. I don't think you quite understand what I mean by 'bait me out', so I...
  16. Rob

    Denied RobRem53 and massella00 Spawnkilling

    In my defence; After those three occurrences I realised my wrongdoing and retreated. Also in the first video it's quite clear that you were only trying to bait me out, which isn't very nice either... Additionally, this is an unprotected spawn, making the offence much less significant than...
  17. Rob

    Accepted Xuansis Fast-bow

    In fairness he had a terrible ping, explaining how laggy he was... however it doesn't explain the bow drawing while sprinting 2xkrtOJuOk4
  18. Rob


    (Rohan were terrible in this round, might be negative scores).
  19. Rob

    Map voting after rounds

    After each round finishes, teleport all players to a lobby with voting signs (to right-click - one for each map). Then wait maximum 30 seconds (stop early if everybody online has voted) and run the map with the most votes - maybe it could be a donator perk to have more weight on these votes...
  20. Rob

    Concerning Stats

    A few suggestions I have about stats: 1. Add K/D to /mvp Adding your K/D within a single round to display in /mvp would be useful (it doesn't have to influence score in any way). 2. Add points to stats.empirewar.org ^ 3. Show your stats alongside the MVPs after a round. Would also be useful...