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  1. Rio155

    Pending Helm's Deep wall blowing

    Uhm, well, i think with the changes to the map. the timer has to pass 3 minutes (12 minutes remaining). When a flag is capped before the 12 minute mark, it adds time therefor you aren't able to blow up the wall anymore since the timer is above 12 minutes (this is what I think what happened)
  2. Rio155

    Pending Helm's Deep wall blowing

    The Helm's Deep change I suggested a while ago is a bit bugged. When a flag is capped before the 3 minute mark, you cant blow up the wall. It seems the timer is based on game time I think. When a lot off flag are captured it takes a whole while for you to be able to blow it up. Maybe change it...
  3. Rio155

    Resolved Unable to choose new Dunedain classes

    You are unable to choose the Dunedain Trapper and Arnor remnant classes. It doesn't give a message when clicking the sign, and neither gives class info.
  4. Rio155

    Pending Broken achievement

    When achieving the Collect Silver Achievement, your rewards and achievement don't come trough. I don't know if this is know with you Dev's but would be nice if it it fixed. No hurry tough Greetings Rio155
  5. Rio155

    Rode boem boem

    Rode boem boem
  6. Rio155

    Implemented Helm's Deep Deeping wall issue

    Helm's Deep issue: When playing Helm's Deep, it seems the Deeping wall almost always gets ignored because everyone goes directly to the gate, which gives better flag paths due to the fortress's layout. This makes the the Deeping Wall flag a very ignored flag and the Deeping Wall itself a...
  7. Rio155

    Resolved Stables gate unbashable

    The stables gate on Helm's Deep is unbashable. You aren't able to break trough it. Cracks were already on (all) gate(s) although I was playing alone on a new game. I suspect this is cus of lower gate health when there are fewer players online? Idk if this can be adapted so it shows no cracks...
  8. Rio155

    Planned Minas Tirith Fourth and Fifth flag

    The 4th and 5th flag of Minas Tirith are very difficult to play as Mordor. Especially when constructors go insane. For the 4th flag Mordor (uninterrupted by wood and enemies) takes 24 seconds to get to the flag while Gondor's only takes 12 while having almost no obstacles. Somewhere around the...
  9. Rio155

    LimoeneVos in the house

    LimoeneVos in the house
  10. Rio155

    Show me I neeed it now!

    Show me I neeed it now!
  11. Rio155

    Resolved Players online command not working

    When using the /players command donors don't get counted in this command. Not the biggest issue but thought I could mention it!
  12. Rio155

    Resolved 6 spears

    Ended a game with spears on slot 3 instead of the offhand (prefer this way of playing). Joined a new game, keeping the order of items in my hotbar, causing me to receive 6 spears instead of 3. during the game it was random if I got 3 or 6 spears (Minas Tirith). Idk if this is because of the...
  13. Rio155

    Resolved Backcapping Éoford

    When playing Eoford you are able to recapture the bridge (idk about other flags) while the market and docks are already captured.
  14. Rio155

    Fisherman small nerf?

    When playing the fisherman, i feel a bit to strong. You have so many abilities wich makes it quite an unfair battle against a lot of classes. My suggestions for nerfing this class are. - Either remove the Resistance or lower the the damage of the knife from 7 to 6. - Remove 1 cobweb as you can...
  15. Rio155

    Resolved Minas Tirith last flag

    When capturing the last flag on Minas Tirith, the flags don't switch colours to light blue so it impossible to see if its being captured. I think this is because the White Tree is being used as capture point if i'm not mistaken. Could this be implemented so the surrounding flags switch colours?
  16. Rio155

    Elven Archer

    The Elven Archer is way to overpowered. You are unable to touch it trying to catch it. You are able to jump away about every 5 seconds and spambow you to death. It really is a nightmare to play against I would suggest increasing the usage timer of the jump.
  17. Rio155

    Accepted Banned for Autoclicking

    MineCraft username: Rio155 Ban reason: Autoclicking Unban reason: I was playing on the server like most evenings. And suddenly i got banned for autoclicking. I never used this. I dont even know how to install these things. I just learned to butterfly click +- 15cps. I also just donated a couple...