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  1. Sir Schnitzel the Delicious

    What has happened?!

    So as MANY of you should have noticed, build is dead empty these days. Which makes me kind of sad, to be honest, because I always liked chatting with the guys while building some nice stuff. There where always minimum 5 people on any time in the evening and it never got boring. Nowadays, I just...
  2. Sir Schnitzel the Delicious


    Hey, I'm the delicious Schnitzel :). I'm 16 years old and from Denmark, although I moved to Germany a few months ago. I've been around the server since the Golden Age, although I left when RP was closed. I returned about 8 months ago and I'm online allot now. You can find me on the build server...
  3. Sir Schnitzel the Delicious

    Battle of the Five Armies Teams Event - as suggested by gombar

    Gombar has been asking the different teams if they liked this idea, so I thought I might aswell make an actuall thread about it. This idea was not my own, I just want to make it more clear for everyone. So, there isn't that much to say: Would you guys like a BOTFA event on the Rhovanion map...
  4. Sir Schnitzel the Delicious

    Builder Application WTF?

    Since I'm currently working on a Black Gate map (as some might know), a few people suggested I should apply for Builder. I actually wanted to do so today, but was confronted with QUITE a problem... So, there's something strange going on with the EQz forums: I can't make new threads (like, for...
  5. Sir Schnitzel the Delicious

    Monday Jackpot Game

    From today onwards, I will do a Jackpot Game every second Monday. The game includes free pts for random players, I just thought it was fun to do sth like this :) since doing the same thing twice is boring, I want you guys to write some suggestions for possible games into the comments, thanks in...