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    Taser470 Autoclick?

    Here are the screenshots I was unsure about the rules on this. By the way can a staff make a report section
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    Right now trolls, in my opinion are too op. They can no longer sprint, but the resistance III is too much Currently trolls have an effective health of 73.8 if my work is correct. In comparison, solders have an effective health of 25. Laketown Solders are interesting, you think they are weak, but...
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    Ryan's Odd Jobs and Bodyguard Service

    Need anything done. From harassing and protecting you got it all prices always negotiable. My classes include BoneBreaker, Royal Guard, Crossbow, and Ladderer. Things I do include but not limiting to Archer Overwatch Skype Archer Overwatch Bodyguard Attacking specific person as...
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    Empire War Census

    Please vote here what country you currently live in
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    What is the First kit someone should get?

    I am trying to get a lot points to buy classes but what should I get. I am thinking of getting bonebreaker because it is cheap (2000), but i also heard Royal Guard (3500). Any other classes i should get first? Note i am willing to farm anything under 5000 points.