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  1. Zoom

    Crossbowman Cosmetic Poll

    Hey guys, I made a crossbowman Helmet but I don't know which one is better for the cosmetic (If it's being added) Vote on the poll below which one you think is better or if I should change the color/design. 1st: 2nd:
  2. Zoom

    My suggestions

    Hey, it's me yes I barely play EW but I would just like to suggest some things that could make the server more entertaining and what I enjoyed from my view. First, I'll tell you what I enjoyed a lot. Teamplay and big fights. There used to be a lot of teamplay for example at the black gate...
  3. Zoom


    Fuck you
  4. Zoom

    Lineair maps or random

    So I was curious what kind of maps you guys like. Lineair or random. Random is like Osgiliath after the bridge. Lineair is like Minas tirith, An army pushing to 1 flag. Please vote on the poll! ^-^
  5. Zoom

    Forum game: Corrupt the wish

    One person comments a wish The orther person grants it but corrupt that wish. Example: I wish I had a car Orther person: Granted but the car has no engine.
  6. Zoom

    *Forum game* Wanna hear a joke?!

    Alrighty, this right here is a "Wanna hear a joke" forum game. So the game goes like "Wanna hear a joke?" then you reply behind it with something like "Mods being active!"
  7. Zoom

    Farewell Friends...

    Yep, me too. I have finally decided to leave MC, quit enjin and delete my skype account so no one can contact me when I'm gone. I've been going trough a rough time lately. As most of you guys know, people have been spreading alot of lies behind me and it has come to the point that I lost...
  8. Zoom

    Stannis the Grammar Nazi

    Here we see Stannis being a Grammar Nazi u0wj38qTtFU
  9. Zoom

    Element Islands

    Readding Element Islands Since all this "Faction" thing wont stop I decided to make a thread about it. Alot of people on the EW are talking about this thing called "Faction" these days. Me and a couple friends from EW played on a server called "Age of Iron". It was great and we had alot of fun...
  10. Zoom

    Game of Thrones quiz. What character are you?

    So I saw Ant do a LOTR quiz. Here is the GoT quiz: Http://m.zimbio.com/quiz/hpbWxCCmzMR/Game+Thrones+Character