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A Message to our V2 Donors


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Network Owner
Dear V2 Donors,

First of all, thank you so much for contributing financially to V2. We took the hard decision in 2017 to restart the server with a new store and new donation system, and in the almost-six years since, so many of you have invested in Empire War, the server, and its community.

The (Rambling) Background

Oddly enough, throughout about half of V2's existence, we have promised the coming of V3. Since I brought V2 back up in March 2020, I have always said that it existed as a means to an end. Indeed one of the main reasons I brought V2 back up was - in many ways - to fund the development of V3.

That aim has been a success, and without the existence of V2 over the past 3 years we would not be where we are today. Without the continued help of donors, Empire War as a whole would be long-dead: aspiration and dedication can only get us so far!

I have, since the announcement of V3 three years ago, always included the disclaimer that your donations would only apply on V2, and that there was no guarantee that your donations would carry over, since V3 is an entirely new server. However, I have also held the opinion that donors should absolutely be compensated for what you have spent on our community.

Indeed, from the first moment we announced V3, I promised that V2 donors would be compensated in some way for their contributions to the previous server.

How We Will Compensate You on V3
  • On V3, each gold is worth 10 times less than on V2. I.e., on [V2] 1€ = 1Ǥ; on [V3] 1€ = 10Ǥ.
  • For each Euro you have donated in your name on V2, we will compensate you 4 V3 gold. (According to your money donated stat.)
  • You will be able to use this compensated gold to buy classes, boosters, and any other perk or item we may add in the future which requires gold.
This means that if you have donated €30 on V2, you will be compensated with Ǥ120 on V3.

Your initial "compensated" rank will be calculated based on your compensated gold. You can then continue to donate via our store to increase your rank and buy gold.

New Rank Structure on V3

Euros Donated on V3V2 Compensated GoldRank Name


We hope here that we've struck a good balance between the reality that this is a new server, with new ranks, new classes, and a new donation system; and the wish to compensate those who have helped us in the past. If you have any questions, please ask on the forums or message me directly.

Right now you can only purchase classes and silver boosters with gold, but we will add further perks in the future!