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Denied Banned for Autoclicking

Minecraft username:DeezBingBongNutz
Ban/mute reason: Autoclicking
Banned/muted by: Not sure
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I love playing on the server and I am not autoclicking, but I understand that my cps was suspiciously consistent, I have a video of a cps test with a graph of consistency I could send on discord or elsewhere and I am willing to screenshare or do make another recording just tell me and I will do it, I dont want to play league of legends I just want empire wars, Adriann#1456


Staff member
Lead Developer
I reviewed the data and the video Mik sent me of your click test.

The kinds of click deviations you are reaching are not just inhuman, but impossible. You are reaching zero click deviation at 11CPS. This is impossible. Additionally, your click deviation is extremely low at an average of just 0.22 (the average is 0.6+, skilled players can reach ~0.4).

Not only do you manage to maintain this exact deviation across multiple seconds, you reach zero deviation and go back to the same deviation as before.

By pure coincidence during testing on v3 in the last few days, these flags and values have an EXACT match with LiquidBounce's autoclicker.

So, I am 99% certain you were cheating, and your ban will remain in place. I appreciate that you like the server - you will be able to play again once v3 releases (likely next month) as all punishments will be wiped upon the new release.

If you wish to contact me anyway, my Discord is the same as my username. I did send you a friend request but it doesn't seem you saw it.