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Pending Helm's Deep wall blowing

This bug is currently under investigation and pending approval on replication.


New member
The Helm's Deep change I suggested a while ago is a bit bugged.
When a flag is capped before the 3 minute mark, you cant blow up the wall. It seems the timer is based on game time I think. When a lot off flag are captured it takes a whole while for you to be able to blow it up. Maybe change it to time passed, not based in total minutes ig
I'm not sure what you mean, could you re-explain please? what timer?
Uhm, well, i think with the changes to the map. the timer has to pass 3 minutes (12 minutes remaining). When a flag is capped before the 12 minute mark, it adds time therefor you aren't able to blow up the wall anymore since the timer is above 12 minutes (this is what I think what happened)