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Media Assistant Application

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Hey everyone. We're currently looking to expand our media team, which is responsible for creating media such as videos, images and various texts for advertisement, announcements, updates, etc...

The (voluntary) job of Media Assistant will involve the
- Development of target group-oriented social media content in video, images and text
- Maintenance and expansion of the community
- Conception, implementation and execution of social media campaigns
- Close collaboration with the staff team

Typical tasks would include, but not be restricted to:

- Creating scenes and sequences for videos
- Montage of videos
- Brainstorming content
- Creating images and pictures
- Writing descriptions, community messages, etc...
- And much more...

We have, however, basic requirements for becoming part of the team, which are the following:
- Able to run shaders in Minecraft
- Able to run ReplayMod or other cinematic mods
- Have access to a video editing software
- Have basic photographic understanding (frames, angles, exposition, colours, etc…)

If you're interested in joining us and helping out with the server Media, fill out this form: >>> https://forms.gle/mgUA6LtYwbjxzTjh9 <<<

If you have any questions, let me know on Discord! (@LimeeFox)
Not open for further replies.