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Patch notes - 3.1.1


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Empire War v3.1.1

The first patch to the Eriador Update! Considering the numerous new classes, balance fixes, bug fixes and such, the Eriador Update (v3.1) can now make way for v3.1.1!

Let's go through all of the changes that happened to the server since January the 12th. Note that a lot of those changes were made weeks ago, and were already live before today.

New features:

- New Hero: Ralt the Warlord - team Dunland, Eoford
- New Hero: Eomer - team Rohan, Eoford
- New Hero: Bandobras Took - team Men of Breeland, Setton
- Added Breeland Trapper class to Setton
- Added Dunedain Trapper class to Weathertop
- Added Arnor Remnant silver class to Weathertop
- Added Barrow Wight gold class to Weathertop
- Added Carn Dun Warrior silver class to Weathertop
- Added Constructor classes to both teams on Setton
- Changed Helm's Deep as per Rio155's suggestion
- Added lore to Eoford (/map info Eoford)
- Added lore to Helm's Deep
- Added lore to Black Gate
- Added advanced crossbow ability

Bug Fixes & Balancing:

- We forgot to add Elladan and Elrohir as heroes to Weathertop
- Added info about the EpicQuestz portal (as a hologram)
- Fixed /r command not replying to the correct people
- Fixed trolls being able to knockback teammates with rock throw
- Fixed Domination gamemode being stuck at 0s if there are no ticket updates when it's a Tie
- Various small aesthetic touch-ups (Eoford)
- Altered decoration on the second level (Minas Tirith)
- Used advanced crossbow ability on crossbow classes to apply base velocity and 2 damage
- Increased range of fireworks 2 -> 6
- Reduced all crossbow classes health 26 -> 20
- Reduced all crossbow classes Generic Movement Speed to 0.07
- Removed knockback modifier on Dunland Barbarian, Eoford
- Increased health 20 -> 28 on Dunland Barbarian, Eoford
- Increased Leap Ability cooldown from 5s -> 10s
- Removed Elven Spearman from Dunedain Team, Weathertop
- Buffed Aganduar Hero: Increased armor from 7 bars to 8 1/2 (can reach 20(max) now with offhand item), Weathertop
- Uruk Commander: (Horn Ability) speed & Regen for 7.5s -> speed % Regen for 10s, Cooldown 30s
- Orc Commander: (Horn Ability) Regen I for 7.5s -> Regen I for 15s, Cooldown 30s
- Gondor Captain: (Horn Ability) Absorption I for 6s -> Absorption I for 15s
- Decreased default ticket count for both Setton teams (from 1000 to 500)
- Removed Absorption effect from Pippin (Hero), but added Absorption potion level 9 for 20s instead
- Added cake healing ability to Pippin (Hero)
- Removed Absorption effect from Madril (Hero)
- Added Horn Ability to Madril (cooldown 20s)
- Reduced Half-Troll Rock throw damage from 20 -> 16
- Reduced Half-Troll HP from 36 --> 30
- Increased Half-Troll player cap percentage (35% -> 45%)
- Increased Morgul Orc melee damage 6.25-> 7
- Increased Harad Archer arrow potency