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Staff, Moria Update, and Opening Times


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With the successful launch of our Eriador Update on Saturday, I've a few other notices to mention... and a few congratulations to make!

Staff Promotions

@Starship and @redbommer were promoted to the positions of Pre-Mod in late July last year. With the launch of v3 they were renamed Jr. Moderators, and they have both excelled in their positions. Both staff members have not only helped moderate the server, but have been instrumental in the early development of v3 and the progression of Open Beta.

As such, the Head Moderator @De_Mik, along with the rest of the staff team, have decided to promote them both to full Moderators! Enjoy the new shade of green...

The Moria Update

Our Developer @LimeeFox laid out our initial update plans for v3 in this thread. I have included an updated version of his timeline below, outlining the rough period we intend to implement our next major update.


Opening Full-Time!​

That's right! You've all been waiting for it since we first entered Open Beta... we're now going to be opening full-time! That means no more weekend-only openings, and no more Empire War starvation during the week. This would never have been possible without the Developers, staff in general, and moreover you: the players!

I for one am looking forward to seeing you all, all week, for the foreseeable future!

From me and the rest of the staff team, Happy Playing!