• Make sure to read the forum rules before creating a new thread or commenting on someone else's thread. The forum rules can be read on this page.

Forum Rules

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There has been confusion about the forum rules as of lately, so I'm posting them here to be more clear and visible for for everyone. These rules are to be followed on any part of the Empire War forums, and if not followed the players can be punished with both a website ban, a permanent in game ban or a temporary in game ban. Be sure to read these rules carefully before creating a thread or commenting on somebody else's thread.

Forum Rules

1. No form of harassing, offensive or disrespectful language allowed
You are not allowed to in any way harass other users, use swearwords that may be found offensive by certain users or disrespecting any other users. The forums are designed to be in a nice environment of discussion and suggestions, and is not to be found unsafe by any other users.

2. No necro-posting
You are not allowed to revive very old (over a month) threads by commenting on them and bringing the situation up again. If you are to be willing to discuss the same subject again, but it has not been discussed for a long time, you should not comment on it and leave the thread for its being. Instead create a new thread about the subject.

3a. No thread double-posting
Before creating a topic, always search on the forums for threads that may already contain or be about the subject you are willing to talk about. Unless all of these threads are not present, locked or over a month of age (because you should not necro-post), you are not allowed to create your own topic about it, and should instead reply to the older thread and continue the discussion there. This is to prevent us from having several posts about the same subject and cause confusion.

3b. No comment double-posting or bumping
You are not allowed to post two comments in a row on a thread to bump it (get it back on top of the thread list) or just to edit your post. You can easily click the 'edit' button and add the things you want changed to your first post without having to add a second one.

4. Be sure to use clear thread titles
When creating a thread, always use a clear title that defines the problem. Do not just call a thread "Helm's Deep", as there will be dozens of threads about Helm's Deep and it will be very hard for us to see what thread is about what.

5. Don't post double reports/ban appeals
If your report gets denied, you're allowed to repost it as soon as you've found more proof. If your ban appeal gets denied, you are not allowed to make another ban appeal (unless this concerns an entirely different ban).

6a. Don't post on somebody else's ban appeal
Only staff is allowed to reply to ban appeals of players, please do not get involved with the ban appeals if you're not the banned player or a staff member.

6b. Don't post on somebody else's report unless adding proof
You are allowed to reply to a report giving more proof for the reported person's crimes, but you are not allowed to just reply to it saying things like "Thank you for this report!" or just talking about entirely different things. (Even denial of the report is not allowed unless you are the reported player.) Only staff, the reporter(s) and the reported player(s) are allowed to comment on these reports, other posts will be removed and punished.

7. Don't go off-topic
Try not to go off-topic on a thread. If a thread is about a certain subject, keep it at that subject and do not start discussing an entirely different business unless you have the permission of a staff member.

8. Staff is always right
If one of our staff members denies your suggestion, do not repost it. If a staff member says you have been seen hacking and have been banned for that, you are. Do not fight the staff in those situations, as it will only bring discussion and hate to the forums. Respect the staff with it's decisions, and so will we.

9. Remain english
It is important that you keep talking english on the forums. What you do in chat and private messages is your business, but the forums are a global space for everyone to talk together and discuss things, so keep the language international so we can all understand what you're saying.
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