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Empire War rules, disallowed and allowed mods.

General Guidelines

  • Use common sense at all times.
  • Always do your best to respect others.
  • Do not attempt to evade the rules.
  • Staff decisions are binding. Listen to staff members.
  • The staff have the authority to act for any reason to preserve good order and  fun on the server, even if it is not in the below rules.

Minecraft Server Rules

1. Do not use a modified (hacked) client or mod designed to give you an advantage over others in combat.

Users of such clients will receive a permanent ban. If you are unsure if a mod or client is allowed, speak to a Moderator. The following mods are specifically allowed:

  • Optifine and shaders with fast math turned off.
  • Minimaps with entity (player, mob) radar turned off.
  • Sodium, Lithium, Iris, and Starlight.

If using Optifine, you must disable "fast math". You can do this in Options -> Video Settings -> Performance. Use of "fast math" is banned and done at your own risk, it may result in a "false" ban.

The following mods/clients are specifically disallowed because they may be considered legitimate, but actually offer an advantage, and will result in you being banned or kicked:

You can find out more on why these mods are banned on our disallowed mods page.

1.1 Do not use any macros/hotkeys or mouse modifications that give you an unfair advantage other other players i.e. autoclicker.

Additionally, the following rules regarding clicking are in place:

  • Rebinding multiple buttons to your attack key/left click is not allowed.
  • Double-clicking (or more) is not allowed. If you are found double-clicking your mouse (ie: adjusting your debounce timer, binding both L&R MB to attack) you will be banned.
  • Butterfly and drag clicking are allowed at your own risk. If you are using any mouse that allows you to change your debounce time, it should be set to 10 ms.
  • Clicking above 20 CPS may result in a ban, preceded by a warning, if you are suspected to have broken any of the rules mentioned above.

2. Do not purposefully betray your team ("teamgriefing") by breaking barricades, opening gates, and so on.

3. Do not abuse a bug, glitch or exploit you may find.

Report it immediately. Further to this, do not spread information about said bug around the community. You can report bugs on our bug reports forum. If a bug has significant gameplay impact, you may report it confidentially to an admin on our Discord.

4. Spawnkilling may lead to punishment, it's best to avoid it in all circumstances.

5. Do not download maps off the server with a tool such as Schematica.

If the map isn't up for download, it means we don't want it downloaded! We provide downloads for available maps at https://www.epicquestz.com/#download.

6. Do not use multiple accounts to boost or otherwise assist in gameplay.

Universal Chat Rules (Minecraft, Discord, etc.)

  1. Empire War is an English language server, try to stick to English in all public chats. If a staff member asks you to stop speaking another language, you must do so.
  2. Remain respectful, and don’t engage in any activity that could be construed as bullying.
  3. Refrain from spamming or the use of excessive capital letters.
  4. Do not advertise other servers on Empire War.
  5. Do not advertise Empire War on other servers or otherwise bring Empire War into disrepute.
  6. Do not bug staff members for ranks, items, classes, money or anything to that effect.
  7. Do not use racist, homophobic or other slurs. If you’re unsure if you should use a word or not, it probably means you shouldn’t use it.
  8. Avoid entering into arguments or debates in-game, use the forums or Discord.
  9. Do not ever publicly accuse another player of hacking. Report them on the forums or message a moderator.
  10. Do not share the private information or identity of another player without their permission (“doxxing”).
  11. Do not debate with staff about any punishment you or anyone else might have received. The place for this is a formal appeal, and nowhere else.

Evasion & Appeals

  1. Any attempt to evade punishment on any platform (Minecraft, Discord, forums, etc.) will result in further punishment on that platform and/or others.
  2. Ban evasion specifically will result in a permanent ban if it was not already, and significantly reduced chances of a successful appeal.
  3. We recognize that individual moderators can make mistakes whilst carrying out their duties. As such, if you are punished in any way, you have the right to appeal.
  4. An appeal will be reviewed on the first instance by the the initial moderator who carried out the punishment.
  5. If this first appeal is denied, you may appeal once again. This appeal will be reviewed by the server staff team as a whole, and a final decision will be made by the server administrators/moderation lead.
  6. After a second appeal, any further appeals submitted soon will be instantly denied/ignored. Ignoring this rule may lead you to be excluded from visiting any of our services.
  7. Do not try to appeal to a staff member in a public chat or in-game. Make an appeal in the appeals section of the forums.
  8. Do not interfere in someone else’s appeal, or try to appeal on their behalf.