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3.0.4 - Hotfix #4


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3.0.4 - Hotfix #4
All of the changes since October the 27th. Some of these were already live during the previous 1-2 play sessions, and others are new.

  • Fixed Map Rotation
  • Fixed Horn Ability not applying effects or cooldown properly.
  • Fixed Disguised players being visible
  • Added a Deathmatch feature:
    • When a team runs out of men (in the men left indicator), the remainder of the losing team are to be hunted down.
  • Removed Timcove (a.k.a. Cove) from rotation
  • Fixed Flag Blocks of the Citadel flag in Minas Tirith; they now properly change colour
  • Added a limit of 35% of the team for the Berserker class
  • Changed Mordor's team colour to a lighter red on Minas Tirith
  • Reduced the probability of being disconnected if you have a poor connection to the internet
  • Fixed moving spawns (where relevant)
  • Added a new moving spawn: when the Helms Deep main gate is broken, Isengard "Ramp" spawn is moved closer to the gate
  • Added a new moving spawn: when the Third Level gate on Minas Tirith is broken, Mordor spawns move forward
  • Buffed boulder troll. Splash radius 3 -> 5, damage 30 -> 32.
  • Fixed a couple of rock throw ability related bugs
  • Mildly nerfed Fisherman on Eoford (attack damage on knife 7 -> 6, increased cool down on web throw to 2 seconds)
  • Added blood gore, and gore now has a setting that is split into NONE, ALL, DEAD_BODIES, BLOOD (toggle via /settings)
  • Split achievement notifications setting into an options: NONE, PERSONAL, ALL (toggle via /settings)
  • Added new command: /gold
  • Added new command: /map info
  • Added new commands: /maps, /maplist, /map list
  • Added new commands: /flags, /flaglist, /flag list
  • Fixed silver booster multiplier stacking