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Reduced Appeal

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New member
Muted for: Spamming The Letter L
Muted by who: Idk

I come here to ask for a lessening on my mute, from 7 days to 5 days (Friday). I understand that my spamming of L was defiantly toxic even if the person it was directed towards is of extremally poor character. I would also recant Boxers statement that me and Gerome were the perpetrators, as from the evidence we submitted to staff of Boxers racial and homophobic attacks date back farther then his receipts. Along with this, his constant griefing of his own teams, generally toxic play, and similar shitty comments lead many to have similar experiences with him. As such despite my part in the toxcity, I ask due to the circumstances of the other persons part which directly caused mine and others toxic responses, that my mute be appealed to a shorter time. Thank you for your time, much love :D



Staff member
V2 Lord
Hello Turtlebomb66,

after we had analyzed your situation, we decided we would not reduce your mute to Friday, as that would mean you would evade the mute overall. However, your mute will be reduced to Saturday (just in time for the Eriador Update). So, you will be able to use chat in the event.

In the current system, it may still say permanent mute until that is fixed. For now, I will manually keep track of your time.

Thank you for making time to appeal in our forums.

- Grissum1
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