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  • Windforge Pirates is NOW OPEN! A PvP based survival server, set in a unique world of floating islands and beautiful terrain.

    IP: (1.12.2)

    This is not your average factions. There are no pay to win ranks, the only teleport available is /faction home, (to save the location of your city) and high level gear can only be acquired through hard work, giving it real value in the world. Offline Explosions are also turned off, meaning your hard work cannot be destroyed while you are offline. (we all have lives, this server doesn't expect you to be on 24/7)

    Main Features Include

    - Build your own flying airships & raid ships using the Movecraft plugin

    - Create your own cities, form alliances and wage war using the Factions plugin

    - Gain money through brewing & mining, and sell your goods to the merchant NPCs at the many sky ports, located across the map

    IP: (1.12.2)

    Website: windforge.enjin.com (visit for screenshots of the unique map and more info)

    Discord: https://discord.gg/qCeFWg4


    - Hacks/cheats are banned

    - Try not to be toxic
    Empires At War Minecraft Server

    ~Planet Earth Map (1:1500 scale replica of Earth)

    ~Factions (Minus 10 power for every death, gain 5 power every hour, 50 power maximum per player)

    ~Crackshot Plugin (Guns, Crossbows, Slings, Throwing Spears and Explosives sold by an NPC vendor)

    ~Movecraft Plugin (Build a ship to sail the oceans and seas or make a drill to collect stone and ores)

    ~RaC Plugin (Choose one of twelve unique ancestries)

    ~NPC Vendors (Obtain all 7 for your faction if you build 7 houses and a market area)

    ~Kit Starter (Use /kit starter every 12 hours for iron tools and 1 diamond)


    Server IP:
    I really can't standthe hackers
    Obviously not enough proof for any of these hackers to get banned.
    Well lets put it this way,most hacks don't actually do jack in players favor on TW. Most hackers just want to troll, and leave often sooner than most admins react anyway. I simply let things happen, and if there is a repeat offender, its taken care of, other than that I don't waste my time with hackers that do the equivalent of a one hit wonder. They do one hack and leave to troll the next group. If I spent all my time tracking hackers, I would never get anything done on the server, or at least, less. If you want to run a server, to where you sacrifice progress on it because of a few one-time hackers, and someone who is looking to get people banned, GO FOR IT. I just have better things to do with my time! :p P.S. I love your argument, it is very well thought out, so many counter points I would not even know where to begin responding to it....... [emogif]happiness:6[/emogif]
    didn't bother reading. anyone who says burn on their own comment deserves no respect.
    Since Black Flames is going to be gone soon, and we all have a desire to continue to rp. I have a suggestion. RP Guilds just launched a new map that is 10k by 10k, they have very similar plug-ins to Black Flames, and they are a very large and well established RP server. I and others from our community have been on that server, and I personally had a large city in the past there. The RP experience is excellent there, and I believe we together could have a great time there. Also, it is insanely to get a faction on RP Guilds, so it will take a collective effort to get one there. Tell every RPer you know to join us there. PLEASE REPOST THIS AND SPREAD THE WORD.
    A husky just broke my cats neck, she has 4 kittens that were still nursing :/
    eat the dog like an asian my dude
    Son of a bitch. Put 9" steel rods through it's joints and drag it behind your or your friends car by a rusty chain on the closest dirt road.
    My condolences.
    *guy calls me idiot at start of game for charging enemies by my self*
    *kills 8 of the 12 enemy team*
    Steal Oceans. 2 of the other 4 were nearly killed by me and the other 2 my team killed.
    and yea its generally considered suicidal to charge by yourself in that game. Unless you me and can get 8 kills before your team shows up.
    Try suicide-killing around the same number of people as archer on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. (between your saber and bow of course) xD
    got my pc hacked somehow.... anyways whenever I started it up it just had a black screen and my mouse cursor. had to start up in repair mode to see what was going on to find out all my registry keys had been changed somehow. which means it was a virus. long story short I got all my important stuff off and now have to reinstall everything :/
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