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  • Life update: I'm green now
    I have been for almost a month but Enjin is so out of date I figure this is technically just on time
    Hello to all those still using Enjin in the new decade!

    My first comment is why the heck are you here xD I'm not sure why I am either, but I've changed my wall layout for the first time in literally forever, I've never changed it since I first made it in 2014, back when I was your average annoying 10 year old.

    It's strange looking back on a website and a community that had such an impact on me growing up, it's essentially been there my whole life growing up. It was sad seeing EmpireWar close down again, but I have high hope for the future, and a possible v3.

    Now, after changing my wall, and a brief ramble about the past, I'd like to ask you all a question

    If you see this, and you have any fond memories or funny moments, or even just something you remember from long in the past, please share it down below. I'd love to see what you all remember, minus all the moments I inevitable annoyed you while I was growing up, as reading back my wall it's not a very fun place to be xD

    But yes, please, if you wouldn't mind, share some of your memories that you remember, anything that we shared in the past. I look forward to reading them, if I get any

    Lots of love, your friendly doggo <3
    You may b offline but luv dogs more and more. And luv petey. He's a slime. Sliems deserve luv. Yeh.
    <3 sliemzzz
    OK, again yes, I am going away. I'm leaving tomorrow (which is sunday, for those of you who live under a rock) and coming back on Wednesday. I won't be taking my laptop with me, because I don't see the point in taking it on a 2 day journey, seeing as the journey itself is 5-6 hours and I'll have only 2 actual days to be there with my family. So I'm not. I will be missing you all very much of course xD <3.
    And also, I am depressed, because now I miss the Hallowe'en events. But I think they will be up for a while. So I do get to play them .
    Anyway, I'm out. See you guys
    Cya! And have fun. x.x
    ok, so guys you probs won't care but imma tell you anyway.
    yesterday, I watched my favourite you tuber do a live Twitch stream for 500k subscribers. he was on 498,500 at the start, and ended with 500,120 or so. I watched half of it before having dinner and then doing homework, showering and going to bed. but during the stream, he went on Hypixel. He was inviting random people into a party, to play with him. and guess what? I got in the party :DDD. I played a few games with him, before he left to play on one his private servers, with some other you tubers I watch. I was so tricking excited :DDD. I will put a link to his channel below.
    PS: I am attempting to put pictures up, but the never work, so don't be sad if it fails.
    PPS: This makes me sound like a sad little 5 year old, but IDGAF :DDD it made my year XD
    https://www.youtube.com/user/PeteZahHutt = brandon, aka PeteZahHutt, my favourite you tuber.
    Honestly, no wonder everyone wants to beat you up xD
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