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  • Actually depressed as hell that Enjin is shutting down at the end of April.

    Empire War will endevour to do all it can to save the content of our own website/forums - but nothing much can be done about our wall posts, images, etc.

    The best chance there is to use wayback machine to archive your profile page for future reference and nostalgia...

    What an absolute treasure this place was for the half-decade Empire War - and other servers - used it actively. It will forever have a place in my little shrivelled heart.

    p.s., still never made it to 10 fucking thousand views.
    Never give up Tob ;)
    EW Shutting Down: https://www.empirewar.org/home/m/5312441/article/5014558

    I doubt anyone uses Enjin any more, and as a result of this latest post I should think this'll be my final post here, after a good long run. I pray this wall and this site will be preserved as long as possible, I wouldn't want to lose all these treasured childhood memories.

    It's been my honour to help out run my favourite Minecraft server, and my intense disappointment it's come to this. But as I note at the end, all is not lost, and I hope for a brighter future.

    For now, it's best to contact me over the EW Discord: https://discord.gg/aA5YTJn

    I'll be seeing you around
    Genuinely, thank you for all your work. This server is a big part of my younger self, lots of memories, friends, and fun. On a semirelated note, what is the link to the discord? 99% sure I'm just a headass but would be much appreciated. Again, thank you for investing so much into this amazing project.
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Thanks for all your work and effort. I remember when you were completely new to the server and everyone immediately loved you for your funny-ass messages in chat. It's crazy to see how far some people have made it in this community, I guess. Good luck on your next venture.
    Citizens of EpicQuestz, Empire War, and BlackFlames

    I'm going away for two weeks to Lebanon and Cyprus, and won't be active if all goes to plan. Hopefully I should still be around on Discord to answer questions, but I make no guarantees. This is meant to be a break.


    Everything is going smoothly here, so I don't think you should need too much help. If you have any questions, talk to the_pharaohs_cat (Tirith, Dale) or Enoshade/LimeeFox (Rohan in general). Otherwise, message me and I should get back to you. I'm looking for an Editor for the Newsletter in two weeks, and I should choose them soon.

    Empire War

    Assume nothing will be happening from me on Empire War over the next two weeks. I've told Tim *everything* that still needs to be done, and it's my profound regret that I haven't been able to release the Helms/Point Shop update before my departure. If Tim is around, he should be a safe pair of hands to fix all my fuckups xD


    Unfortunately I'll effectively be missing the first 10 days or so of this, but I have a good set of deputies in the council. Thu, Dimi, Polar and Sammyfanta will effectively run the Kingdom of Blackfyre in-game during my absence, but as I mentioned I should still be around to advise.

    I probably didn't need to make this post, but it should act as a good link-to if anyone asks why I'm not fixing stuff <3
    So as of this month I've been Mod for 2 years, weird huh?

    Sometimes I get into this weird mood of reading old forums posts & about the stuff the old Mods did. It's a strange feeling, looking back over six and a half years of EW history, and reading all that was going on back then - stuff I remember but also stuff I had no idea about.

    I realise this sounds strange to say about a Minecraft server, but it's like there's a great weight behind me. I guess that sort of attitude is what's got a dumbo like me to be 'Head Mod' of what is, right now, a small community server in a 10 year old game.

    It's getting late, which means I'm getting deep. I'll wrestle Tim to get some stuff out this Easter. We're building a map revamp on EpicQuestz which hopefully should turn out well, but as always we'll see.

    People always grumble and groan about how "things aren't as they used to be", but as long as I'm enjoying myself, and others are enjoying themselves, I'll try my best to make it last.
    The EpicQuestz Build Server has been released to the public!

    Ok, this is Epic(Questz). Now you needn't make a whitelist application to join, as we have turned the whitelist off. Come on and start building right away, or have a look around our builds.

    There may be some hitches, but if there are be sure to tell one of us EQ staff members right away. Check out our news post on the whole event here:

    You should also join our discord to get regular updates on progress etc: https://discord.gg/WFkz6H5
    Oh you can also help keep us up by donating ;) See the ranks and perks here: epicquestz.buycraft.net

    As many of you know, I (help) run Empire War's sometimes-sister build server called EpicQuestz. We have decided to move off enjin to a more flexible and professional platform, and I'd like to show it to you all

    Here is the new website itself:

    It'd be great if you could have a look at the forums too. You can log-in with discord to make it all easier: https://forums.epicquestz.com/

    Any feedback would be appreciated. We haven't quite finished transferring stuff (and some of the Planet Minecraft links will be broken), but it's very almost done.

    P.S: Our old site will remain up forever at https://epicquestz.enjin.com/
    Empire War v.2 has been up for a little over two years now. That means it's existed for over half the length of v.1, which I suppose is remarkable in a way.

    I freely admit that it's been a bumpy ride, and it's been a damn sight harder to keep us going now than on the old server. The climate of Minecraft servers is far more hostile, especially in the java edition, whose player numbers - I am certain - have decreased.

    I have a problem in that I can't give up on something like Empire War, which has been unashamedly a major part of my life for pushing half a decade now. Whilst yes, we can lament and look back to the 'good old days', for me the server still has vast amounts of potential, and fathoms of fun still to be had.

    I have no intention of ever stopping my efforts on Empire War, and am proud to call myself chief-pesterer to sjoerdtim, and will be sure to annoy and harass him until Empire War achieves its true potential.

    I hope this time next year I'll be celebrating three years of a reborn server.
    I'm really quite interested in and excited for that. I hope its a success and a good game :p
    Oh hecc
    Me: I don't like to hold grudges
    Also me: Goes to local park to burn figure of 400 years-dead Catholic man who attempted to blow up Parliament.
    As far as I can see, the decline in player numbers on every Minecraft server is not because Minecraft is dying, but rather because the Java Edition is.

    Whether you look at Empire War or a larger server (like Hypixel), numbers have been decreasing. This represents a large trend across the Java Edition multiplayer 'community'. However, the Bedrock Edition (i.e: Windows 10, Pocket edition, etc) is booming.

    Mineplex recently shut down a few of it's Java Edition servers... and opened up more on Bedrock. Naturally I hope this trend can be reversed, and with a future PvP update on behalf of Mojang perhaps it can. But honestly, I don't think Mojang wants to encourage Java Multiplayer.

    For many years, especially after the Microsoft acquisition, Mojang has been annoyed at the comparative independence and freedom of Java servers. Even now, Mojang has not released official server software for Bedrock. They'd much rather have players use vetted servers such as Hypixel and Mineplex, or Realms.

    Until recently, Mojang had no alternative to the likes of us, they just had to live with it. But now, Bedrock offers the Minecraft experience with greater control from Mojang. So of course they'll let Java Multiplayer die.
    To be fair at this point I think that'd help bigger servers. Small ones already just ignore it
    Where's that modding API we were promised years ago on Java Edition. Bedrock's got it but we haven't
    When I say "bedrock's got it" I meant the similar things like they announced at minecon, custom mobs that you can make w/ custom models etc...
    I'm going away on a three week interrailing trip tomorrow morning, with a few friends. We're travelling from Prague to Istanbul, stopping at Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest, Varna and Sofia along the way.

    This obviously means I won't be around to do anything on EW, and will likely miss the end of Blackflames.

    Tim's told me that he'll finish setting up Black Gate and Edhellond in the mean time, and sort out classes with Olex. Hopefully we'll start getting players on after this update.

    After a three week break, I'll probably feel more inspired and enthusiastic too, so you might see more of me. On October 1st, however, I'm off to University (York) to study English for 3 years. I should think I'll have time to stay around here, but we'll see.

    No idea what the Wi-Fi situation will be in Europe, so bye for now.
    Dark Duo
    "No idea what the Wi-Fi situation will be IN EUROPE" You must be a Brit
    Or an Irishman indeed. We on the Isles use 'Europe' to mean... well it's kinda obvious. I wouldn't say "I'm going to Europe" then go to Ireland or Iceland or the Faeroe Islands, for instance.
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