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  • Looking for people to join me on Star Wars: The Old Republic Online! There is currently a 250xp bonus going on for another week and a half. I am looking to start a new character and we could all level up together. Would love to get at least 2 other guys and gals to join me. We can use Discord or Steam to connect. Please message me or contact below. I would love the chance to level up together while catching up with some of my great friends on here whom I miss.

    (This is more of a excuse so I can talk to some of you guys again)
    As we near the 1 year Anniversary of the closing of Ragnarok RP, I wanted to take a second to post this. Ragnarok may be gone but may the friendships we have made, live forever.
    To everyone who may still follow my profile, I have a game I want all my minecraft buddies to join! May I introduce Empyrion: Galactic Survival! It is Minecraft meets No-Man Sky! Build anything you want on a planet, from a underground base to a bold stronghold in the middle of a flat-land beach for all to see. Build a space-ship and explore the universe! It doesn't stop there, you can build Capital Ships! Did I mention you can build it however you want, ANY SIZE. (Death Star 3 anyone?) Build a space-station and cement your place in the universe. Some planets are PVE or PVP, it is up to you! This game is single-player and FREE multi-player just like minecraft. Right now, just like Minecraft was. It is in Alpha Stage and only $10! Come join me now, as we conquer the world!
    Begin of Transmission:
    Final Ragnarok Post, Stardate: -306850

    It brings me a heavy heart to announce the closing of Ragnarok Role-Play Forums. While my life is taking me on a path where I am too busy for Role-Playing, it was my wish to keep renewing the website and allow my faithful staff members to continue it. Mile and Mass requested that I not renew the website and that they would move to their own new website. I with a heavy heart have consented and I wish them all the luck in the world. That they will continue the work I tried to start.

    To all my wonderful Role-Play Members, thank you for choosing Ragnark Role-Play as your website to Role-Play. We did more then Role-Play, we created a strong bond with great memories. Where our paths take us now, I do not know. You will all have a place in my heart. I pray that you all will find a place to connect again somewhere.

    To the few of you who may wonder, what happens to me now? I do not know. I am 21 years of age now so I do not have time to find a new Minecraft Server and try to become a staff member. Although I do truly miss doing that, being a servant to the players was my enjoyment. I will again provide a link to my steam account so that way you can stay in contact with me if you so desire.


    This.. is very hard for me to do, but we all most grow up sometime. My heart as I said, will still want to be a moderator and also to role-play. Trying to come up with new evil plots. I still come up with plots time to time in my head and wish there was some way I could type them out.

    Take care, and I hope to see you all somehow again.

    Shoutout especially to: wavebaron : My mate, you always stood by me even when I was wrong. I wish you all the luck in the world. Everybody13 : Gosh, we have been through ALOT. Always have such great respect for you, and I will miss you alot. Try to message me on steam once and awhile!

    @Bucky I can't seem to tag you but you are an amazing friend. arakrsptec : Make sure Fumble lives on. You are amazing.

    To Everyone Else I know I forgot to tag: Thank you, and take care.So many memories... Such little space to talk about all of them.

    *End of Transmission*
    *AOM Rage Time*

    Why I have a problem with the "Extended Edition". Here is a side by side screenshot of my Gold Edition (left) vs the Extended Edition.(right) Now take into account, for some reason the steam Screenshot was smaller then my gold edition. So I tried to match them the best I could.

    At first glance, you think "Why wouldn't Titan like the Extended Edition? It has alot better color"

    Take a bit of a closer look. Whenever you are fully zoomed out on the extended edition, at certain angles the texture will be blurry. The most obvious example is the Oranos statue. If you actually play the Extended Edition you will notice how every single building is affected. Also at the areas where grass texture will meet trees, etc. It will be extremely blurry as well. Some areas will be super focused and the texture will stand out, making it look awkward. (Look at the EE Windmill. The turning part of it sticks out from the rest of the building. Making it look out of place.)

    I will say on here what I said on Steam. "If you got the Gold Edition, don't bother buying the Extended Edition. Just torrent the Tale of the Dragon." I will also state that "Tale of the Dragon" should not even be called a "Expansion". I and pretty much the entire AoM Steam crowd agree that this is a terrible MOD with 95% Re-Skins. (Chinese Titan - Oh hi, Titan Prometheus, I see your wearing a skirt now) The Sky-whatever they are called Company should not of been asked to handle such a important task as this. They are extremely too used to playing with Age of Empires 2 where the graphics are supposed to be terrible. AoM was the turning point for textures to stand out a bit. They did a extreme flip and came out with some very shoddy work. I would prefer to see them fired and for Microsoft to get a different team. But if somehow we get lucky enough to get another AoM DLC, let us hope that they have learned their lesson.. Although, with how they did terrible on this DLC, it would not be a surprise for Microsoft Studios gave it the axe for any future ones.

    *End of AoM Rant*

    1 More Rant Actually.... Skybox did not even TEST THEIR OWN NEW MAPS! They had a map included in the EE that clearly stated, "Find Overgrown Temples and repair them to use them." I was confused to find there was no Overgrown Temples in the map. The Steam community informed me that Skybox "Forgot" to ADD THE OVERGROWN TEMPLES. SERIOUSLY. Test your own game people! You have several months on end to get this right!
    Yes! I was spellbound the first time I did it! The Titan Expansion wasn't bad too bad either, obviously not as good as the first one. @olex
    Goodbye dearest Titan, It would seem that the Old Guard has fallen and a new era of RPers must rise. Maybe one day we shall stand back to back slaying Aasim zombies on a minecraft server, but until that day comes I shall stay vigilant, keeping watch over the realm and guiding the young RPers through the mists of Ragnarok RP. So, until our next AoM game, goodbye.
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