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  • ”Welcome class of 2023 and welcome back to our returning students to Cognitionis High! I can already tell that this year is going to be a good one with many great experiences and full of meeting new people. That is all for today’s announcements and remember to have a great day!” The principal would say over the speaker system, in the near empty hallway a black cloud would emerge from several of the lockers and form together to create three figures.

    “Is this the location?” One of them asked, the tallest of the trio with skin as pale as snow, his hair was an onyx black and a greasy goatee lay on his face. He wore a black and deep purple robe and was carrying a scepter of sorts. Another one of them would nod his words coming out like a hiss

    “Yes, I can sense it buried deep within.” The man would say, he wore a green vest and had blonde hair falling over his face hiding any unique designers he may have. He was the shortest of them all but he had an odd aura to him, it was as if he commanded a presence of fear.

    The third and final member of the party would step forward. He wore simple trousers and a ragged coat, his hair of silver was spiked and wild and a smirk seemed to be permanently placed in his face. He was leanest of them all looking like a natural sprinter, folding his arms he spoke in an incredibly thick accent “A high school of all places, are you sure?” He asked, but before he could answer a kid who seemed to overhear them talking walked forward and asked the question

    “Ты из России?” The third member stared at the child for a moment before blinking and suddenly the child would collapse, blood seeming from his ears and his skin hugged the bone. Sighing he would say

    “Let’s make this quick, dispose of him will you?” He said to the second before starting to walk down the hall.

    Now that the little introduction is over let me give you an explanation on what this is about. You (the players) start off as normal students at Cognitionis High Schools (Junior year), after a freak accident you will be put into the realm of Gods and the hidden war between them. Pick sides, gain allies, and potentially develop the skills and powers to become a demigod or perhaps even a lesser god. You’ll experience a fun adventure, cool battles, a patient DM, and of course a totally unique storyline. Now, some of you may be thinking “Death this sounds like Percy Jackson” and I’d agree with you looking in, however Percy Jackson is with the children of the gods realizing their birthright and dealing with the consequences of it. This RP is based on pure coincidence that you came into contact with such a world and will be able to actively interact with the gods you meet, perhaps if you even befriend them you’ll be able to RP alongside that God or Goddess for the majority of the RP. If you are interested please DM me or comment down below and I’ll help you get all sorted out
    Dark Duo
    Back at it again w/ dat Krispy Kreme
    Hello ladies and gentlemen, been a long while since I have been active on this wall, almost a year in fact. Hopefully all of you have been doing good but I come with news: I shall be hosting a new RP centered around a group of mortals (ya'll) being put into the world of Gods. I don't wish to explain without spoiling to much but if you'd be interested in somewhere where you would be completely vulnerable to death in a snap of ones fingers, having fun, and testing my patience then feel free to comment
    Hola everyone, remember the RP I mentioned once or twice? Well currently they're in a massive battle with 400,000+ people. Heres a list of their injuries

    Kergus (Ogre): A deep gash in his thigh, a stab through the right palm, lost his pinkie/
    Borg (Dwarf): Cut across the face and then two stabs to the gut
    Slice (Human): Stab to the gut and cut through the leg
    Noel (Human): Massive throat damage from being choked, several cuts, is currently impaled on a spear
    Malleus (Human): Several cuts and maybe a stab in the shoulder, kinda forgot
    Marx (Human): Lack of a knee, several cuts

    Just wanted to share this ;p
    Oh, Marx also got a chunk of his arm missing, you can now see the bone
    Update: Kergus has suffered a slash going up an angle through his leg before being stabbed in said leg, has a hurt hand thats now swollen Borg: N/A Slice: N/A Noel: N/A Malleus: N/A Marx: Lost his leg
    "Welcome to the normal world friends! Ordinary day, ordinary job, and ordinary life. Wrong. Everything has been changed sense this moment, just right now you've discovered an ancient secret, a secret not meant to be discovered, or was it? The world of Myths and Legends have opened to your eyes, crypts and mythos once formerly only talked about in books and discussions have been brought to life. After brought into this strange new world through either curiosity, accident, or from your job your task is to keep the Liber Ivonis from the enemies hands all the while you set out on your quest to stop the Elder Gods from starting the apocalypse... Again. On your journey you shall encounter monsters, death, insanity, cultists of Cthulhu, and possibly none other than the man himself. Shall you open your eyes to this world? Or shall you lock them shut from the chaotic..."

    Hi guys long time no see. The above advertisement is for our good friend and boy Zeratul_Templar who is hosting a RP called, well, Cthulhu RP. The RP is hosted on a discord server so if your interested hit me up on enjoin or Discord OR hit Grim up on Discord/Enjin.

    My Discord tag: General Death #0496
    Grim Discord tag: Grimmjow #4222
    That moment you successfully confuse your RPers with a battle of the gods and completely make them wonder what the hell just happened.
    Yes but now I know! [emogif]satisfaction:5[/emogif]
    You're saying in the future, I can't make them fight gods with my DM powers?
    You can, but I'd know what's going on.
    Me: Does online homework
    Me: Does all the problems besides 2 because I didn't know how to do them
    Me: Got 13/15 correct
    Website: *gives score*
    Website: 0%
    Just an update on my RP: Its still going strong (to my surprise) and I'm open to having more members. Its a Warhammer Fantasy RP (adventure character) where you'll meet gods, travel the world, fight shit, and yeah. Pretty cool and I have big plans for it
    I will be (possibly) hosting a Warhammer RP on a Discord server. It will be new, it will be different, and it will be character instead of nation based. If you are interested than add and pm me on discord.

    General Death#0496
    For everyone who is currently a active, semi-active, or under the radar Roleplayer please either in the comment section, a PM, or Discord describe what your overall Roleplayer character would look like. Nor example, you aren't describing yourself for one particular RP, but for them all. For example let's say you are a large Norse looking man with the strength of an ox and brain the size of a walnut, at your side you wield a mighty hammer ensribed with ruins, put there by the gods themselves etc etc.

    You will see why if I get enough descriptions.

    One last thing, please no bullshit or meme characters, try to take this semi-serious
    Captain Aasim
    Captain Aasim
    My universal roleplay character has always been a Noldorin elf, or High-elf who is loyal and clever, neither tall nor short for an elf, a decent soldier, a charming courtier but most importantly a diligent benevolent dictator. He tends to wear white robes, simply clothing really with a touch of blue for good measure. Has a rather average face, but eyes that can go blank before sparking with brilliance. He has dark black hair, black eyebrows contrasted against his pale white skin.
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