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  • I've been playing some old games I used to play recently and some of the nostalgia is insane. Playing FATE again was the best though as it was my first ever dungeon crawler and general non kiddy game I ever played.
    I might actually try and make this a thing but idk for sure as it seems to be dead already lol
    Wow this account is very old and very cringe... I can't even read half the stuff I posted without cringing. I honestly completely forgot about this account
    Murica logic:
    *Judge is told about the crimes of the defendant*
    Oh, you sold weed to ppl on the street? Hmm, Guess you being sentenced
    to death sorry bud.

    Columbia logic:
    *judge reading description of defendant*
    "Child-murderer, torture-killer, and rapist known as ”La Bestia” (“The Beast"). Confessed to killing 140 children over a five-year period in Colombia. He is suspected of murdering over 300 victims, mostly street children."
    Judge: Hmm, Thats alot of murders, Maybe just 22 years? seems fine to me.

    (The man actually only got 22 years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_serial_killers_by_number_of_victims)
    Well, Pablo Escobar built his own prison with hookers and cocaine, what did you expect?
    Yeah, look how that is going...
    Event ended.

    The most fun map for everyone was the October revolution(Aka russian revolution)
    I Noticed that we should stick with smaller maps like this until we become a public server and much more active, Because these bigger maps require a much better preforming server and alot more players.

    Thanks for playing everyone!
    (We reached about 9 players)
    Discordance / Erin
    stop removing me from the whitelist you nerd lol
    jk you don't need to keep me on the whitelist, but regardless I'm still interested in news regarding your progress on your server :)
    We are nearly done with our map limit, so we should be opening the server soon. :)
    According to notch and other sources, 1 block = 1 meter in mc, so that would mean a block is the size of a cubic meter.

    This would mean that mc players are 1.85 meters tall(185 cm, about 8 cm taller than the average adult male).

    But thats not that surprising, whats really surprising is how fat players are.
    Their waist is 0.5 meters in diameter, and legs 0.25 meters, Now 0.25 meters = 0.82 feet.
    Try putting your foot on the back of your thigh horizontally, and compare it. Now imagine your leg's diameter being as gigantic as that.

    Though I would like to mention, players can jump 1 block, which most men at best can jump half a meter, and they have to bend their knees while mc players can do it as soon as they touch the ground again.
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    What normal guy jumpes half a meter? Now admitedly, I have been doing parcour for years, but I can jump a bit more than a meter from a standing position.
    I Mean a meter UP, like jumping vertically, not horizontilly
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    That's what I was talking about. If I was doing parcour and could only jump a meter far, that would be a bit weak...
    Accidental problem with PayPal Account caused borin's payment to be refunded, I Fixed the problem but borin is asleep(Im assuming because of what time it is in the UK)

    So Until tomorrow(Hopefully) he won't be able to pay again, If anyone wants to help just pay about $9(Pay Here: thegreatwar.buycraft.net) and we will have 6 gb on the new host(We used to have 1 gb on the old host for $10 a month)
    Server is switching hosts!
    BorinSwordbane donated $18! that means we can switch hosts to a host that gives 6 gb for 9 dollars a month!

    Now our maps should be lag-free when played.

    Currently we don't have paid ranks, but if you donate later when we create paid ranks we will give you a rank equal to that amount of money.

    This will be the IP once we switch: thegreatwar.fluctis.com
    Also, We will still be in 1.10
    Can't wait to get it
    And now we observe the wild Donald J. Trump in its natural habitat: the Trump rally. Here you can see it as it performs an elegant courtship dance to attract voters.
    Parents: Omg he is about to say his first words!
    Baby: d...da...
    Father: Dad?
    Baby: dea... Death to all jews.

    (If you don't already get it, that baby is hitler)
    TGW is switching hosts, As soon as we get our next donation
    we will switch to a more efficient host that gives us better
    performance and more then 3x the amount of ram for the same price.

    If you wish to donate to the server donate here:

    If you wish to apply for builder and be whitelisted apply here:
    Update: Server is up!
    Not public though, only people who are whitelisted can join, Will be doing a public event soon though.
    If you are whitelisted: tgw.mcph.co
    Thanks Ender!
    thanks m8
    Wow and daddy sheep is not whitelisted. Disappointed in you Ender.
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