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  • I recently got my points for now-Donor classes returned, and didn't know what to do with them, since I don't want to invest in skins (way to inactive for that to be worth it).

    So I came up with an idea when I saw those giveaway notifications: how about a Siege lottery xD.
    Anyways, here are the rules:
    > 1 number per week, the number lies between 0 and 100 (so 1-99)
    > you may enter until friday 22:00 CET (Central European Timezone)
    > to enter, you may pay any amount of points you are willing to, the amount musn't exceed 1000; you also give me a number (1-99) with the points
    > if you win, you shall receive 10x the paid amount
    > you may give me two numbers, however you will only receive 5x the paid amount if one is correct; you may also give me four numbers to receive 2,5x the paid amount
    > should I not be able to multiply an amount by 2,5 (33 points for instance), you will receive the smaller amount (In the case of 33 points, x2,5 would be 82,5. You would receive 82 points.)

    > HansPeter pays me 100 points and gives me the number . He would now receive 1000 points on a successful guess.
    > However, he isn't sure if this one number will be enough to win. So he gives me the number in addition. He would now receive 500 points on a successful guess.
    > Hans doesn't want to risk a lose. He messages me with numbers and . He would now receive 250 points on a successful guess.

    I will be on Siege now for an hour or so, and later from 5 to 6 o'clock. I will comment on this post every day to tell you when I'll be on Siege. If you want to give me additional numbers after joining the lottery, you may just PM me on Enjin.
    So recently, I played on Siege with r3cry, which is rather unusual since we have both stopped being all too active on EW... But anyways, I noticed that I wasn't able to play the classes I bought pre-EULA (I know EULA is back, but I mean like the time until autumn 2015). So r3cry told me that this was due to the fact that EULA had the classes removed from non-donors, and that they had been given their points back. Well... I did /stats and guess what: I DIDN'T get my points back.
    So I don't know if there is any way of proving this, but I had Dale Swordmaster and Citadel Guard, possibly other classes but I can't think of any at the moment. I don't know if you can check the console for the classes I had etc., but if so, I would be happy to have my points returned
    arakrsptec sjoerdtim Slimegirl24 @Mr_CookieSmurf
    Frodo is pissed as f*ck.
    Andrew isn't entirely sure if he lives in the human world.
    Cap starts interpretating someone posting "huehue".
    Bobby states that he is "neutral on this matter", and just fuels it even more through that statement.
    Python says he could make this a big thing and sees himself as a somewhat great leader of the community.

    I love this idiotic bullsh*t, give me moree xD
    Gah, Germans, started both World Wars, such a disgrace...
    Meant, as in, they used this to justify fucking over balkan a great deal, even if they already had them under their boots.
    Harad was raided, and since it is my fault, apparently all members now think of me as a traitor and a liar, and that I wanted to raid them.
    I just want to say that I would never betray Harad intentionally. It was an accident, and yes, it was my fault. All the blame falls to me and perhaps that makes me a lot less trustworthy. But that I would be entitled a liar and a filthy traitor, I would never have thought. I can understand how my former fellow members would think of me in such a way, but all I can do is say the truth. I very much hope that they will find belief in me, even if it might be hard.
    Since I am kicked from Harad, I will be leaving factions. It was a whole lot of fun though, thanks to all of you faction players.
    Tim rejected the new Morgûl, stating that it is "too crowded" for actual battle and that the old Morgûl is "easier".

    Are you serious Tim? The old Morgûl is easier to fight in, yes, but you can ask LOTS of active players on EW who'll tell you that the "easier to fight" is just to lame. There is NOTHING in Minas Morgûl atm. It's just flat streets, and the person with the better equipment wins, that being the troll in almost any case.
    You cannot say the new version is "too crowded" for proper battle, that just isn't your statement to make, since you don't even play Siege all too often. As Osgiliath perfectly shows, crowded, narrow streets, allyways and ruins make for a more diverse, fun PvP expirience.
    84% voted to add the new Minas Morgûl... seems like the actual siegers don't share your opinion. I do understand why you ignore some decisions the community makes for itself, even if that grants you a whole lot of flame sometimes. That's a part of owning a server. No matter what decision you make, there will always be people complaining. But ignoring a rough 85% of the community on basis of two arguments, one of which is a contra to your own cause, is just a bit extreme.

    Please feel free to tell me if you agree or not, I for my part am stunned by this decision.
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    That's what I was saying, since there is about 0 tactics involved in old Morgûl. Of course, gear would still matter on new Morgûl, it matters on any map obviously, but since you could use the environment to your advantage, it would NOT SO MUCH depend on gear as on old Morgûl.
    So Kill posted a pic of a Magic card on his wall, and it made me think of the good old times when I used to play Magic. There was this RP store, they had like dice and P&P books and stuff... and a SHITLOAD of cards. You would have a commode, with one big drawer for every set (Fire, Light, Darkness, usw) and then each drawer contained like 5000 cards. A card cost 5c, and when my friend first brought me in to play magic, I made a sole fire set. There was a part at the back of the shop, where you could sit down and duel other people who were hanging around. We used to go there 3-4 days a week after school and play.
    It has now been more than 3 years since I last played Magic. I still have my fire deck, lieing on the desk next to my PC as I write this. Good old times.
    Schnitzel, I have a weird taste in music, but what about this. I think it's beautiful...
    Happy New Year everyone! It's been an amazing time with you all, and even though I don't regularly play on Siege anymore like I used to, I still enjoy joining Build once in a while to help out a bit or chat with you guys
    I know this always causes people to get annoyed and ask why they weren't mentioned, but I want to call out to a few people who just make the EW expirience what it is:
    >Ender, rob, gooal, bobby, StealWonders and Mr. Swaggins, for being good lads to have around at all times
    >g, for calling me s until it didn't even annoy me anymore and for totally not abusing his Artist power sometimes...
    >Zoom, who's always around and kinda cheers me up, even if he's in a bad mood
    >fj, for... being a dick I guess xD
    >adam, for being a relatable, reasonable guy with talent for building at some times, and an arrogant dickhead at others
    >Killmatronix, for being a hopeless pessimist no matter what
    >mrpeterb, who assured me his name was not supposed to be Petyr Baelish
    >Jedimaster, for advertising his server shamelessly on private Enjin chat, on his wall and even in the global chat of Build numerous times...
    >Only, for not giving me a present
    >lock, for never being seen again
    >agen, for making awesome art
    >Pyth, for posting 15 "I'm leaving EW"-posts and still posting and commenting anyways
    >Blaze, who changed his name various times until I checked my notifications and was like... "WTH is TurboMC?"
    >legolouie, for posting about his newest LEGO sets
    >olex, for being olex
    >All you *******s who post about giveaways and increase my "New Notifications" by 180%

    >And, last but not least, ANNAFRAHMAN, for liking ANYTHING I EVER POSTED

    If I left you out, you may shitstorm me bellow, although I probably won't care xD
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