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Sir Schnitzel the Delicious

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  • In honor of the Order of the Bards, which I respectively was a member of when it was still thriving, I have decided to post a piece of text every day from now on. It may be a riddle, a poem, part of a ballad story I am writing or an excerpt from one of the books I am working on. I hope you will like them, and that I might bring joy into the hearts of some fellow bardsmen who are still out there. It may also be the first thing ever to actually make my wall come alive.

    Yours sincerely, Sir Schnitzel the Delicious of the Second Order of the Bards
    Hey there fellow nerds*

    Just wanted to share our new video, in which we talk about censorship in the German gaming branche, as opposed to movies and TV, and how it has to change.
    If you speak German and/or want to support free art for the generations to come, please share this around.

    Dearest Sincereties, Ben

    *(the marked phrase also includes female subjects and is used in a positive vibality)
    I am back motherfuckers.

    (This post is also addressed towards people who do not show particular interest in sexual intercourse with other people's mothers, as well as people who do not have any interest in engaging in sexual activities with their own mother. The phrase is mere slang and may not make the above mentioned people feel excluded or such who can be classified as so-called motherfuckers ashamed of their perfectly fine self. I respect all races and genders (though white males comparitively less so) and hair colors (except for intense yellow and neon pink, because those colors are just an abomination of nature) and I despise hate speech.

    So basically, I am back motherfuckers.
    I have a quick announcement for you guys.

    I have been, once in a while, working as a translator for about two years now. I have translated mods and websites from English to German and the other way around. Now, my days of school are almost counted, and since I am moving out of my parents' flat and into my own, I'll have to pick up something that offers more and safer work. So here is the deal: I would like to keep working via the internet as it is very practical and allows for me to work at home. This is why I am planning to extend on my working possibilities.
    If you happen to have something big that needs translating, consider me as an option. I do not charge too much, and am proud of my extensive knowledge of the German and English language.
    If you know someone who needs a translation, you might aswell redirect them to me.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide to my buisness.

    Yours sincerely, Ben Strothmann
    Okay honestly, what the hell?
    So I am in my oral exam phase, which means I have to prepare a presentation. 20min.
    Then, yesterday, I got an English assignment. It has no fucking point, does not even change my grade by any means, and is just unnecessary work.
    So then after that, I have Sports, parcour and freerunning. Now as some of you might know, I am, amongst other sport activities, a free-time parcourer and freerunner, so I pretty much did the best run - wallrun over an obstacle without even having to touch it, sideflip between two bars, throw a few handsprings, high turn over another obstacle... and then I leap onto an obstacle that hasn't been secured by the freaking moron who set it up. So it collapses backward, I FALL backward, onto my head from 1,35 meters. My world goes black for about half a second, I do a backroll onto my feet, vision all blurry... but I'm tough enough in the taking, so I get right back up and soon, it is like nothing happened.
    Today, turns out I got a concussion.
    So I sit at home, god-awful headache, sipping Lord Benton at fucking 19:30 to keep my brain working, and I'm like: "Before I start working on that presentation... I'm just going to chill for a second and check Enjin."
    I go on Enjin... 43 notifications, and I'm all happy, because I like talking to people.
    ...and then it is all Ahna, back at it.

    This might just be one of the worst evenings I've ever had.
    Block him from your wall, that reduces the like spam a little.
    XD you got lucky i got 140 (or more) this time (last time it was almost 200)
    oh wow... I got 300 notifications
    Alas, Schnitzel returns for another post on his Hugh-Mungusly active wall.

    Well, I was bored on the weekend, so I created this.

    (I already made this post, but it was somehow not posted xD)

    Edit: #NoWool
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    By the way, some parts of the video are German, but most of it can be understood by non-germans as well.
    I am thinking about founding my own town. To do so, I would need about 2-3 people I trust. Since I can not spend too much time online, I would need one person to be high-ranking and reign whilst I am not on.
    The town would have a very small, off-the-charts keep somewhere north of Blackfyre that would only serve as a place to hord loot and resources. We would roam the lands and raid unprotected farms and houses, or perhaps band with a town that pays us for fighting.

    If you like the idea and would like to be in on it, tell me below.
    If you are going to be raid depended, you shouldn't settle in an area where you have to walk a relative large amount before you meet a target that you can raid.
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    Sir Schnitzel the Delicious
    I don't think I need tactical advising from you, my friend. (No offense, I just get really annoyed when people "advise" me).
    np, just wanted to help you :p
    So I just started off on Black Flames, and I have no idea what to do / where to go... anyone mind helping me out? Also, how come I can't chat with people (or are they just ignoring me xD)?
    I have been thinking about joining Blackflames RP, but can not quite make up my mind as to doing or not doing so.
    My questions to all of you:
    > On a scale of 1-10, how fun is Blackflames?
    > What's the aim of the game (is there a main storyline, is it more MMO-like or is it a Towny style server, etc.)?
    > How much time a day do I have to spend on the server to efficiently be a part of it (have an effect on the outcome of certain things, gain recources and items, be a good townsfolkman of whatever nation I may join)?

    The reason I can't make up my mind is because I don't know if the server is worth spending time on. To me, it sounds like Blackflames is one of these projects where you have to put a lot of time and effort into what you do, and I'd like to know if that time and effort is worth it.
    I really have a lot to do, I am still in school and currently working as a translator, and I have recently been invited to join the development team of a video game project.
    But I would love to give Blackflames a try anyways.
    Captain Aasim
    Captain Aasim
    8, it's a mix of storyline and towny RP. Where there is a main villain and multiple towns and nations available to join or be made. Different alliances, about 3-4 hours I spend 6. You can join the Nation of Varmalore, and the town of Riverrun. We're already established and you can have a start off right off the bat.
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