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Forum game: Ban the Person

Lord Hamster

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V1 King
This is a fun little game. Basically think of a reason for the person who posted above to be banned, then post it.

Example: *For having a crappy username* *For being a scrub* (me, btw.)

PS: Like all the posts on the page you are posting on. Pls.


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[quote user_id="4140781" avatar="https://cravatar.eu/helmavatar/Killmatronix/74.png" name="Killmatronix"]Banned for having a pedobear as your skin.
What? Poo is a pedofile O:!?!?!?!
Jk, Ik you were talking about adam :p
And, Banned for being an evil wraith[/quote]
IK what I was talking about :/
[quote user_id="10733867" avatar="https://cravatar.eu/helmavatar/Ajroets/74.png" name="Ajroets"]Banned for having a higher KD than TheEnder_Slayer_.[/quote]
Banned for being a pre-mod option.


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I think all the mod or admin who removed my thread about re-adding /unite should be banned because I had a very good reason for re-adding it. The reason was MWAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAH!