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  • Happy New Year Everybody!!

    I hope that you have a fantastic 2017, and let us not forget those of whom are unable to be here to share it with us.
    Can't be any worse than 2016, I suppose. (At least in my own eyes.)
    As you all have likely noticed that I have left quite a number of goodbye posts on my wall over the last few months, I can now explain why in full. This past year I have been sitting my A-Levels and now I am in my final year which means I have a load of exams to sit all the way up to June/July starting now really.

    After my exams are over I will be preparing to go to university to continue my studies. I hopefully won't leave until the course is done meaning I will be about 22 - 23 years old (I am 18 now). I really lost interest in Enjin and MC over the past year. Now EW is gone and my Invested money no longer of value, I feel that I am free to leave.

    What makes things more difficult is I am an international boarder which makes things difficult for me to go on MC etc in my free time. So really this the final farewell as I really most likely won't be able to access Enjin, Skype or other social media like Twitter for the next few years. I honestly cannot thank you guys more for the last 4 - 5 years. It means a lot to me that even now, I still have friends like you who believe in me and understand what I am going through. Know this, no matter how hard life gets, I am always here for you. I will NEVER forget a single one of you. I have had my fights and good times, but now this means nothing.

    If I can say one last sentence for you all to remember me by it is this,
    "Life isn't infinite, grab every opportunity you get given because one day they will run out and it will be too late."

    Goodbye everyone, be strong, be brave, be creative, have the amazing future that I know you are all capable of achieving. Finally never forget the good times and the bad, but be happy that they happened, not sad.

    Your friend,
    - Matthew.
    And so the story ends. 4 years I have spent on Empire war, met new friends, built maps, heck even became top donor. But sadly this is the end. As you were likely aware I was considering making a purchase to save the server, but unfortunately I cannot take that risk.

    None more than the oldest of players would understand how sad it is seeing where this server has come in the last few years, and how it ends. Empire War will live on in our minds, and I will never forget the server, Tim, or any of you. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    I will try to return on the last day, but I doubt I will make it.

    This is how the book ends. The greatest book every written, Empire War.

    - ice.
    Lord Eclemonds Funeral starts soon! Go to Solistraith to attend.
    Anrza of Westershire executed him on behalf of Blackfyre.
    Death by Anrza... Damn x.x
    Wait, where is Solistraith? Is the server already up or something???
    Work has commenced on the Lestraithien capital, Solistraith. Currently the first level is almost complete with work commencing on the second. Be sure to come visit us in the North - West if Interested. High ranks are on offer!
    The reams of North and South Lestraith is here. Governed by the Fair, but strong Lord Eclemond II (ME!!!!). The two stars (in blue) represent the future locations of Solistraith and Lunastraith. Come time we hope to expand.

    As of yet there are only 2 members of Lestraith, but the next few people who appl will be offered a senior position. We currently need Co-Mayors for both cities. As well as a military. Military can also multitask by doing residential things for the time being. Lestraith has a good relationship with Blackfyre and other realms.

    Please comment if interested.
    Time to start buying into gold bois! Our economy is fucked so time to go back to gold!
    That's when you know you fucked up!
    rip england
    Majority? Bullshit! Looking through and answering to ppls old posts time. The majority.. More than half of the British population who ACTUALLY VOTED voted leave. if the vote were for people 16+ we probably would of voted to stay. At my school, (secondary..) 98% of pupils said that they'd vote stay if they could. if 13+ could vote, it would of been stay by a landslide. Majority? Nope. And recently the Prime Minister said *Great Britain voted to leave* BS! Let's do this by majority. Scotland didn't, N.Ireland didn't, Wales did by 5% difference, England did by 6% difference. It's all bs...
    Seriously why is Trump not president.... His acting in Game of Thrones is simply some of the finest in existence.
    I don't even have a top donor monument anymore! #TDProblems #MakeEWGreatAgain

    No but seriously, what do I have other than a cheeky pic of my mug on the store! At least give me a prefix!
    *Slowly opens eyes...*
    The land around was thick with a tall brush, birds like sirens on the dawn. I peered up, before me was lands that stretched far into the heavens above.
    *rises to a low crouch like stance, with restraint."
    My body reminded me of a thousand fallen soldiers. My cloths, browned with the color of the land, sagged with mud.
    "This land that lays before me, I know it. The air feels the same." Groaning I stumbled towards a murky, stream. The water was cool, at least it resembled water.
    By this time the sun was high in the sky, beaming down on me with the rage of a fallen empire. I looked back at the stream, it was black.

    I fell back as to my amazement I heard a shout. "Ey you!" I pondered for a moment wondering if he was yelling at me. "You death or som'in, get thee 'ell ou' of th'cow shit!" I was confused, did he say 'Cow Shit'? I looked back in the stream, I saw what looked like a pebble drifting on the surface. I then thought to my self, pebbles don't float! My stomach lurched from my torso. I threw up.

    *20 minutes later*
    "You gave me a frigh' their" The strange man exclaimed with a sight chuckle in is voice. "Say, what'che young man like you prancin aroun' these parts for, huh?" He asked. With dismay soberly replied, "I don't know sir, all I can remember is dreams, weird dreams, like the ones you have as a child." Curiously, the man replied, "Well wha' kinda dreams you be 'avin their then?" I chuckled and said with a deepening tone, "Most of them were about war, you know, good versus bad an' all that." Before I could finish, the man interrupted, "Well tha' ain't unusual, everyone including my ol' self, can ya believe it gets those dreams. It's na'ural ya know, like instinct." I returned to what I was saying, "These dreams were so real, I felt like I was there, hordes of monsters shrouding me with giant black birds towering above in the dark sky."

    "You know where ya are?" The weird man replied. "No, I have been telling you that."
    He sighed, "Your in a lan that 'as no name. Some of em' people call it Earth, others heaven, most call it Minecraftia. No one knows how they got 'ere, but what we know is we 'ave a journey to complete, yours is jus begginin." I closed my eyes an listened. "To ya North, is a vast range of moun'ins. Yer South 'as a cove. East an lies a vast forest and West, a desert. This place we're at now, is wha' we call the safe lan's. Beyon' it nobody comes back..." I opened my eyes, I was alone, the man gone. I knew what I must do.

    I hoped you liked that guys, I had no idea what I was doing and made it up on the spot for no apparent reason. Anyway I wanted to tell you....

    I AM BACK!!!!!! (for a few weeks)

    First year of A-Levels are over and I am glad to say that I can return for a little while.

    See ya around!

    - ice.
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